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The American Sign Association is an association of electric sign companies; companies that primarily manufacture, install, and service lighted 3-D individual-letter (channel letter) wall signs, wall cabinet signs, pole or pylon signs, monument signs, and LED electronic message centers.


We know that shopping for sign companies is a daunting task.  You will spend hours of your time finding companies, calling, leaving messages, emailing, calling again, finally talking to somebody just to find out they're not licensed in your area, and want to sell you a sign which is not legal in your area, etc.  If you've ever had to do it, you know what we mean.  It's extremely time consuming.


Simply fill in the blanks below, click "Submit", and we will take the pain out of shopping for a sign company.  Up to four of our qualified, licensed sign companies will contact you to provide a quotation on your new sign.


We only send out your bid request to quality licensed sign companies that have been in business for 10 years or more, service your area and know the local sign ordinances, build their own signs (they won't subcontract out your work), manufacture custom signs (rather than try to sell you what they have on hand), maintain their own warranties and do their own installations.  Plus, they are all pre-screened; easy to contact so your days of leaving unanswered messages are over.


Our sign companies are knowledgeable and can help you determine what type of signage is best for your business, be it channel letters, LED displays, sign cabinets, routed faces, pole signs, window neon, vinyl lettering, banners, etc.

Tell Us About The Project

Email us directly at, attach your file (if you have any photos, drawings, etc.), and we'll make sure your request gets to the right sign companies.  Please include in the email:

  • Project Description
  • First and Last Name
  • Address information
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • List the type of sign you are requesting a bid on.  If you don't know the type, or can't explain it, don't worry.  Our contractors have been in the business a long time and they'll be able to help you figure it out.
  • List the size of sign, if known.
  • List the type of wall and height where the sign is going (if any).

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Lighted Pylon Signs

Electrical Signs, Factory-Direct

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Lighted Wall Signs

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